White House Chief of Staff John Kelly aims to stop President Trump from making policy announcements on Twitter, according to a report Friday night.

While Kelly acknowledges he can't stop Trump from tweeting, the new chief of staff would like to know what the president plans to tweet before he does so. He would prefer big policy decisions not be announced on Twitter.

The goal is "pushing the tweets in the right direction," Politico reported, citing a White House official.

Trump made waves on July 26 when he announced on Twitter that he would ban transgender people from the military.

The Defense Department has since said it won't execute a policy based on Trump's tweet until it would receives formal guidance, which the White House has not provided yet.

Politico reported that White House and Defense Department lawyers had warned Trump against the transgender military ban, fearing the legal backlash that would follow. The lawyers only learned about Trump's decision when he tweeted it.

Kelly, a retired Marine general who was Trump's Homeland Security secretary, finished his first week as chief of staff this week, after replacing Reince Priebus. That staffing shift was announced on Twitter, and the Politico report claims Kelly wasn't informed that Trump would be making it public through tweets.