Singer and actor John Legend is seeking older, overweight Americans to cast as Trump supporters for an upcoming music video, according to a report.

"White men and women, 30-65 years old, Preferably out of shape," Legend's team wrote in an advertisement for Casting Networks, based in Los Angeles, Calif., per TMZ.

"Will be playing protestors (sic) at a rally. We will shoot a make belief (sic) rally on a sound stage and will need 8 people to play Trump supporters."

Similar ads for actors to play Black Lives Matters activists, young white male protesters, and various kissing couples were also placed by Legend's representatives.

Legend and his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen have been outspoken critics of President Trump, with Teigen allegedly being blocked by the president on Twitter in July.

The production shoot is set to begin on Sept. 8.