Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain said Monday he agrees with the Navy's decision to pause operations for 24 hours in order to review training and procedures following the second collision in recent months involving a U.S. Navy ship.

"I agree with Admiral Richardson that more forceful action is urgently needed to identify and correct the causes of the recent ship collisions," McCain said in a statement. "Our sailors who risk their lives every day, in combat and in training, deserve no less. I expect full transparency and accountability from the Navy leaders as they conduct the associated investigations and reviews."

Ten sailors remain missing after the USS John McCain, named after the Arizona Republican's father and grandfather, collided with an oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca.

Richardson ordered an "operational pause" after the incident, which is the fourth major accident this year involving the Navy.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, said in a statement the military is underfunded, which could have contributed to the "unprecedented" string of accidents.

"The time they spend at sea is increasing, while their ships age and their funding gets cut," Thornberry said. "These are just the conditions that can lead to an increase in the kinds of accidents we are witnessing. Congress has a duty to provide our sailors with the additional resources they so clearly need, and to do so immediately. To do any less, while these sailors are doing so much for us, would be immoral."