Jorge Ramos, anchor for the American Spanish-language Univision channel, admitted in a recent interview that his infamous confrontation last year with Donald Trump was all about getting even.

Last summer, almost immediately after Trump launched his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, he and Ramos engaged in a public feud over the billionaire businessman's hardline stance against illegal immigration.

At one point in June, after Univision cut business ties with Trump, the former reality star published a handwritten letter from Ramos that included the anchor's phone number. Trump posted a photo of the letter on his Instagram account to show that Univision was "begging" him for an interview.

"I knew I had to do something back," Ramos said in a new interview with Esquire, claiming that he started getting "thousands" of calls and text messages to his personal phone. "I had to react in a very public way. We realized he was going to do a news conference in Dubuque, Iowa. And we thought, correctly, that few journalists would follow him all the way to Dubuque."

At the press conference, Trump began by calling on attending journalists who were raising their hands. But Ramos, who was standing off to the side, began yelling out to Trump about his immigration proposals.

"I went to the front row," said Ramos, describing the moment. "We made sure the cameras were positioned correctly. Body language is important. I made sure to ask the questions standing up; he wasn't going to have a position of authority over me."

As Ramos began calling out, Trump attempted to cut him off and told the anchor to wait until he was picked for a question.

"I was wearing a mic — my voice was going to be on the same level as his," recalled Ramos. "I knew going in not to stop asking questions, because he interrupts you constantly by saying, 'Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me!' So I was going to continue asking my questions right until the end. And that's what happened."

The confrontation culminated in Ramos being forcibly removed from the event by security. He was eventually let back in and Trump engaged him in several minutes' worth of dialogue on immigration.

Ramos has not secured an interview with Trump since the run-in.