White House counselor Kellyanne Conway followed the example of her boss Tuesday night, taking to Twitter to share her thoughts about Hillary Clinton.

Conway, channeling President Trump, roasted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after the unsuccessful 2016 nominee said her loss was the result of sinister outside forces.

"You Ignored WI," "Called us deplorable/irredeemable," "Had oodles of $$ & no message," "Lost to a better candidate," Conway tweeted, signing the message "From: Woman in the White House."

Nearly six months have passed since Trump beat Clinton in the election. Clinton has laid low in that time, mostly staying out of the public eye.

She spoke at a Women for Women International event in New York on Tuesday and blamed Russian hacking and FBI Director James Comey's investigation into her during the campaign.

Trump and Clinton have bickered back and forth since the election, attacking each other over details of the election.