White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and CNN co-host Chris Cuomo engaged in a 22-minute yelling match over Roy Moore, tax reform and foreign policy during "New Day" Wednesday morning.

Conway, stealing the interviewer role from Cuomo at multiple points in the appearance, asked him if he believed Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., and Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., should resign due to multiple allegations of sexual assault against each man.

"Let me tell you the hypocrisy we see at every turn. Al Franken is in the Senate right now. He has admitted this. In front of a glowing audience," Conway said.

"He admitted what?" Cuomo interjected. "That he took a stupid photo? ... That's what he admits. He doesn't admit that he sexually assaulted somebody."

"Hey, Chris, did you think it was groping?" Conway asked, holding her hands up in the front of the camera to replicate the groping gesture Franken infamously made with his hands over the woman's breasts.

"I thought it was a stupid photo. I thought it was in poor taste and he needed to own it and he did," Cuomo said.

The CNN host moved the conversation to tax reform and asked Conway about President Trump's support for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has also been accused of sexual harassment and assault of underage girls and young women.

"It seems that you have no standard of morality. That it is all political pragmatism. Not you personally. I'm talking about President Trump. If anything, you benefit from bias on my behalf because I have known you for 20 years. That's why I listen to this stuff that doesn't make sense. President Trump seems to have no moral standards," Cuomo said.

After responding that Trump has "tremendous moral standards," Conway went back to Cuomo's comments minutes earlier about what he said Franken did to Leeann Tweeden.

"Wait. Did you just tell the world that Senator Franken took a stupid photo, and I don't know, exercised poor judgment but you're not troubled by that? Is that because he is a reliable vote for higher taxes, for no border security?" Conway probed.

"Yeah. I would love higher taxes. I'm the one person in America that wants their taxes to go up. That's silly," Cuomo said, though he didn't comment on his earlier remark.

"I'm saying you're comparing ... Al Franken to Roy Moore to help mitigate the accusations against Moore and it's obvious," she said.

"No. Let me just review one last time so everybody has got it," Cuomo said.

"The president has said the following: The allegations are troubling. Roy Moore has denied them. The president said they are 40 years old," she explained.

"So what? Who cares how old they are?" Cuomo asked.

"I'm reflecting to everybody so they have facts first, Chris. We're talking apples and not bananas," she said, referring to CNN's social media campaign about bananas symbolizing alternative facts.

"Let's not be a banana," Cuomo warned.

"I see lots of bananas," Conway quipped.