Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham blamed a "radical group of gender benders" for the Boy Scouts of America's decision to admit girls into some of its programs.

"This is just more madness," Ingraham said on Fox News on Wednesday. "And I think most parents are tired of it, most people are tired of it. It's a very small, radical group of gender benders out there in the culture who want to say there's no difference between boys and girls. They're all the same."

The Boy Scouts' board of directors unanimously voted to allow girls to join its Cub Scout program. There are also plans to create a new program for older girls in which they can earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

Ingraham, who is set to debut her own primetime show on Oct. 30, said the announcement was emblematic of "the tyranny of political correctness."

"It's another reason why Trump won," she added. "Boys should be able to have a boys club. Girls should be able to have a girls club. And if they want to have a club where boys and girls are doing activities together, that's fine too."