Dozens of House lawmakers are again lodging their complaints about an annual Dog Meat Festival in China where thousands of dogs are tortured and killed.

Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., introduced a resolution along with dozens of Republicans and Democrats and said China needs to end its annual dog meat festival in Yulin, China. He said Monday that the festival and others like it are "abominations" because they "celebrate the torture of dogs and cats."

"During Yulin, dogs are burnt, skinned, or boiled alive, have their paws cleaved off while conscious, and are staked to the ground and beaten to death," he said. "No one can see these images and walk away unaffected."

"I am deeply appreciative to the thousands of supporters who worked tirelessly to champion this resolution in the past year, and sincerely hope that Speaker Paul Ryan brings this measure to the floor for passage during the 115th Congress," he added.

Hastings introduced a similar resolution last year, but it never moved in the House.

The resolution found that 10 million dogs are killed each year in China, and that 10,000 are "captured and slaughtered" for the Yulin festival alone.

"[D]ogs who reach the slaughterhouses are typically beaten to death with shocking brutality, without any regard for their welfare," the resolution said. "[T]hese dogs also suffer mentally from watching other dogs being killed, then disemboweled and blow-torched in front of them."

The resolution condemned the festival, and urged China to enforce its own laws that regulate the processing and sale of animal products. It also called on China to ban the killing and eating of dogs at the festival, and to enact anti-cruelty laws.

Read the resolution here: