The suspect involved in Tuesday's breach of the White House grounds was wearing a men's Pikachu costume from the 1990s hit "Pokemon," at the time he hopped the fence, according to Superior Court of the District of Columbia documents released Wednesday.

Curtis Combs of Kentucky was charged Wednesday with unlawful entry for breaching White House security, trying to jump the fence, and post the incident on YouTube.

The incident took place on the south side of the People's House, between the South Lawn and Ellipse around 9:35 a.m. EST Tuesday. Combs began climbing a fence marked "Restricted Area Do Not Enter" and was ordered by a uniformed Secret Service agent to stop climbing.

Combs cleared the fence before the initial officer was able to apprehend him, but was picked up by officers on the private side.

He dropped a bag on the public side of the fence before hopping over. The bag was investigated and later found not to be a threat.

Combs told one officer at the scene he "wanted to become famous and thought jumping the White House fence and posting it to YouTube would make him famous."

He also said he recorded the pre-jump but could not finish the recording because of the officers' prompt response.

Combs told police that he "knew he was going to get arrested and that he had researched D.C. charges and other previous jumpers."

He also told them he "wanted to come back to the White House with his son for a tour," though he will likely be on a ban list if found guilty in the Tuesday incident.