Conservative radio host Mark Levin slammed the FBI on Tuesday for not recommending the Justice Department take up what he said would have been an easy case against Hillary Clinton.

"They found several thousand emails that were not disclosed to the FBI," Levin said on LevinTV Tuesday night. "You know what I call that? A cover up. She intended to cover up, she intended to unravel the security system that was put into place. It's worse than gross negligence. This is a slam dunk prosecution. This is a slam dunk case."

While it is not standard for the FBI to make a recommendation to federal prosecutors, FBI Director James Comey's statement earlier on Tuesday decreases the chances Attorney General Loretta Lynch will pursue charges against Clinton.

But the nationally syndicated talk host was adamant that in light of the actions the former secretary of state took to circumvent the law, the case would be an easy win for the Obama administration.

"She used multiple smart phones. Multiple mobile devices. She lied about that. She lied about the servers — with an 's' — plural. She lied about not getting any classified information," Levin said. "Always skating on the edge, always protected and dammit she might be the next president of the United States."

The FBI's investigation comes to a close 20 days before the Democratic National Convention takes place in Philadelphia, where Clinton is expected to become the official nominee of the party.