Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that she has put her "career on the line" because of her vocal opposition to President Trump.

Speaking to a gathering organized by EMILY's List, a pro-choice group run by women, on Wednesday, Waters, D-Calif., said she was "thrilled" by the energy and support she has received from millennials. She said because of her "resistance" to Trump, she has been "adopted" by thousands of millennials, and they call her "Auntie Maxine."

She also celebrated a surge in support she's received on Twitter, noting that she has jumped up from 46,000 followers to over 327,000 followers.

Despite this, Waters said she has "decided to put my career on the line."

Though she admits she comes from a district where she has a lot of support, "there are many who do not like what I'm doing."

"But I've decided that no matter those who do dislike what I'm doing, no matter those who disagree with me, I feel absolutely certain that this country deserves better than Donald Trump," she said to cheers.

Waters won re-election by three-fourths of the vote in 2016, according to Ballotopedia.

Harping on Trump, whom she called "disgusting," she said if it is confirmed that he colluded with the Russians to undermine the 2016 election, he should be impeached.

"I'm not afraid of the word impeached," she said. "I want him impeached, that is what he deserves."

She finished her speech by encouraging the audience to "resist" and "stay woke."