Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said Sunday that President Trump should make "Democrats eat the fact" they erected many of the Confederate monuments they are now saying should be removed.

"Let's make the Democrats eat the fact that it was Democrats who built those statues," Huckabee told Fox News on "Sunday Morning Futures."

Huckabee accused Democrats of resisting racial equality "all the way up through" the 1960s and called on them to stop hosting "Jefferson-Jackson Dinners" because they celebrate slave-owning presidents. Democratic organizations routinely hold the dinners, which honor the party's co-founders, as fundraising opportunities.

"Let's make them remember their history and the statues that they built for the racists, that were the ones who stood at schoolhouse doors across the South and said to African-Americans, you can't come in these school doors," the Republican said.

Huckabee made the comments while arguing he would like to see Trump "outdo his opponents," adding that the main two constituencies that still support his presidency are the faith community and "rural America, middle America."

"The tough part for him is he's got to realize it's not going to get better," Huckabee said. "The press hate him. The Democrats hate him, they want to get rid of him. And sadly, there are a lot of Republicans who hate him and are trying to get rid of him."