Support for Hillary Clinton among millennial voters has shrunk by 6 percentage points in just two weeks, though the Democratic presidential hopeful maintains a significant edge over Donald Trump, according to a USA Today/Rock the Vote poll released Sunday.

Sixty-two percent of likely voters ages 18 to 34 plan to cast their ballot for Clinton in next month's election, down from 68 percent in early October. In the same period, Trump gained a single percentage point. The poll was taken before Friday's announcement by FBI Director James Comey that the agency had reopened its previously closed case into Clinton's handling of classified material.

The former secretary of state has struggled to make inroads with young voters in the same way President Obama did in 2008 and 2012. In recent weeks, her campaign has deployed political figures who remain widely popular among millennials, like Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., to bolster support for Clinton.

Thirty-four percent of millennials also said that Obama's endorsement of the Democratic presidential hopeful was "very important" to them, followed by those of their parents, Sanders and friends.

Trump, who is backed by just 21 percent of millennials, draws significantly less support among young black voters (6 percent) and Hispanics (19 percent). The Republican nominee also trails Clinton by 30 percentage points among white millennials — 57 to 27 percent.

Clinton's support is 13 percentage points greater among young men (56 percent) than among young women (43 percent), despite her nationwide edge among women voters of all ages.

The survey of 1,299 millennial voters, including 668 likely voters, was conducted between Oct. 24-27. Results contain an overall margin of error plus or minus 5.5 percentage points.