John Kasich's campaign on Friday flatly rejected Marco Rubio's suggestion that they swap voters in each others home states in order to ensure Rubio wins in Florida, and Kasich wins in Ohio.

"We were going to win in OH without his help, just as he's going to lose in Florida without ours," Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said in a tweet.

Rubio and his campaign called on his supporters in Ohio to vote for Gov. Kasich, in an effort to block Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

Rubio trails Trump in Florida by double-digits in most polls, while polling finds Kasich and Trump in a dead heat in Ohio.

Kasich's rejection of the Rubio deal offer is another blow to the Florida senator's campaign, seemingly on its last legs. Rubio has said he must win Florida, and has guaranteed it, but no poll show him ahead of Trump.

John Kasich's campaign team flatly rejected an offer from Marco Rubio's campaign to swap voters in Ohio and Florid... in Politics on LockerDome