"Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda unveiled a public service announcement Wednesday featuring President Obama, former President George W. Bush, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other guest stars to encourage people to get out and vote.

"If you can vote, there's nothing more important than to vote. Lots of people lived and died so that you can do that," Miranda said in the video.

"Our future depends upon you casting a ballot," former President George W. Bush said. He was immediately followed by President Obama who said, "If you're inspired by 'Hamilton,' if you're inspired by our founders, understand that the system of government they designed only works if you participate."

"Stay involved in the political life of our country," former first lady Laura Bush added.

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Speaker Ryan and Sen. Elizabeth Warren also encouraged people to "vote, vote, vote." Miranda debuted the video on the"Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, who also appeared in the video.

With Election Day just around the corner, other Hollywood celebrities are released PSA videos encouraging people to go cast their ballot. Hollywood stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson released a voting PSA on Tuesday, while Director Joss Whedon put out a video asking people to vote, but not for Republican nominee Donald Trump.