House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Wednesday that the whip count in support of the American Health Care Act is "getting extremely close" to the requisite 217 votes needed to pass the bill through the House.

Ryan made the claim to radio host Hugh Hewitt, but declined to say whether a vote would take place prior to recess, which begins Friday and lasts for 10 days. Instead, he said they will bring the vote up whenever they have the votes.

"I have a policy on not commenting on when we're going to bring these votes up," Ryan said on the timing of a vote.

"We're going to bring them up when we have the votes. We're getting extremely close," he said. "We're having very, very productive conversations with our members. The president is having good conversations with our members. The vice president is. His whole staff is involved.

"So I feel very good about the progress we're making and we'll make the announcement when we make the announcement. It's how I handle these things," Ryan said.

While the bill earned the support of the House Freedom Caucus last week, it has struggled to maintain the support of key centrist Republicans needed to pass the bill as many say they will not support the bill unless more is done to protect individuals with pre-existing conditions.

At the moment, at least 22 members have said they will vote against the bill in its current form.