Bedford, N.H. — Jeb Bush said on Saturday that people who have a problem voting for him because of his last name "need to get therapy."

The former Florida governor has struggled to gain traction in the Republican presidential race in part because many voters are leery of electing three presidents from the same family.

"The Bush thing, people are just going to have to get over it, alright?" a defiant Bush said at a townhall gathering at the McKelvie Intermediate School gym here ahead of tonight's GOP debate.

"Everybody knows I'm in the Establishment, because my brother was a president and my dad was a president," Bush said, raising his fingers to make air quotes as he said the word "Establishment" mockingly.

He also said he "won the lottery" with his mom Barbara.

"I got no problems with this, and people that do, they either need to get therapy themselves, or realize that we can change the course of this country working together to solve problems," Bush said.

Though he tried to distance himself from his family name early in his campaign, as he faces a do-or-die moment in New Hampshire, he's been increasingly comfortable embracing his family legacy, and has been touring the state with his 90-year old mother Barbara. Former president George W. Bush also recorded an ad for a Super PAC supporting Jeb.

Earlier at the event, he also said Donald Trump needed therapy.