A new survey of women voters suggests a general election contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could be disastrous for the Republican Party.

Nearly half of the female Republican electorate (47 percent) currently has a difficult time imagining voting for Trump as the Republican presidential nominee, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Far fewer say the same of Trump's two remaining opponents, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (32 percent) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (27 percent).

Trump also has the worst favorability rating among female voters overall of any remaining Republican presidential hopeful. Seventy percent of women voters harbor negative views of the brash New York billionaire, compared to just 21 percent who view him favorably.

Moreover, the tendency among women voters to lean Democratic became even more pronounced when they were asked to consider a Trump versus Clinton matchup.

In that scenario, 31 percent of women would vote for Trump, while 58 percent would choose Clinton.

While the survey was released in mid-March, Trump has come under fire this week for posting a threatening tweet against Cruz's wife Heidi after falsely accusing the Texas senator of circulating a provocative image of Trump's wife.

The tweet has since caused a heated feud between Cruz and Trump, leading ex-White House hopeful Lindsey Graham on Thursday to advise the duo to "knock this crap off."