Rank-and-file Republicans still support President Trump, and by a large margin. But just before today's triple play of stories damaging to his administration, he was already taking on a bit of water, even among voters from his own party.

The Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll, which has surveyed about 700 Republican voters every day since Trump's inauguration, shows that between May 11 and yesterday, his five-day average approval among Republican voters sank from 83 to 75 percent. Republican disapproval of Trump rose by exactly the same eight points — from 15 to 23 percent. Moreover, Wednesday and Thursday appear to have been the worst two days in the sample. This erosion of partisan supporters suggests that this week's troubles in the White House are more than just an inside-the-Beltway freakout.

The new numbers mark the highest level of Republican disapproval of Trump since his inauguration, at least in this poll. And it comes before breaking news stories that Trump disparaged James Comey in a meeting with Russian officials and said his firing takes "great pressure" off him "because of Russia; that a current White House official is a person of interest in the Russia probe; and that the Russia probe includes an investigation of whether White House officials conducted a cover-up.