President Trump's national approval rating has been underwater since he took office, but new state-specific data from SurveyMonkey show better-than-average marks in the Rust Belt states that made him president.

Trump had greater than 50 percent approval ratings in 13 reliably Republican states. Wyoming was at the top with 59 percent, according to three months of weekly survey data from June 1 to Aug. 31 that showed lowest approval in the nation's capital at 12 percent.

Trump's ratings were higher than the 41 percent national average in three industrial states that handed him an upset victory in November, with 44 percent approval in Wisconsin, 43 percent approval in Pennsylvania and 42 percent approval in Michigan.

His approval rating average was higher in swing state Florida, at 45 percent.

Two other states that voted for Trump — Arizona and North Carolina — had slightly above average approval ratings at 43 percent, followed by Nevada, which voted for Hillary Clinton, at 42 percent.

Trump remains enormously unpopular in California, where the popular vote was so lopsided in November that it gave Hillary Clinton a nearly 3 million vote popular victory despite her losing in the Electoral College by a wide margin.

Trump had a 32 percent approval rating and 66 percent disapproval in California, according to the data.

The president's national approval rating during that the three-month period was close to the most recent 40 percent approval rating the survey company found in the first week of September.

Trump has consistently seen low approval ratings since taking office, generally with national approval in the low 40s. Former President Barack Obama, by comparison, took office with much higher approval, but plunged into the mid or low 40s at points before winning re-election by a comfortable margin.