New polls on President Trump's approval ratings out on Friday varied widely, adding confusion to the simple question of whether the president is picking up or losing the support of his vast network of backers.

Rasmussen Reports pegged his approval rating at 50 percent, his highest. Trump chose to tweet out those results.

The Zogby Poll

AP, meanwhile, had results that showed supporters abandoning the president.

And Zogby Analytics was in the middle, showing support at 40 percent for Trump.

In its analysis, Zogby suggested that the president is losing some of his supporters.

"President Trump's numbers have dipped among Republicans from 83 percent approval in May to 79 percent approval in our latest poll. Among Independents, the president's numbers have also been damaged--in May he enjoyed 46 percent approval and 47 percent disapproval. Now only a third (33 percent) approve while 59 percent disapprove of his job as president. This may be very damaging because many of these voters helped him win in the Central Great Lakes region and states referred to as the ‘blue wall' during the general election," said Zogby.

What's needed to boost the lower poll ratings is a victory, such as on repealing Obamacare, added the pollster:

"These and other factors such as negative media coverage, sensitive information leaked, and the constant infighting among Republicans and Democrats could be a real turnoff to voters. The president will need some really big victories regarding the Russia probe and legislatively in the remainder of the year, or he could be a lame duck president his whole first term. It's not completely over for him yet but it sure seems that way based on the data from this most recent poll. Washington, D.C. will get only hotter and hotter this summer while both parties hold Trump's feet to the fire."

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