French President Francois Hollande endorsed Hillary Clinton, claiming that Donald Trump would only ”complicate relations between Europe and the U.S.”

“The best thing the Democrats can do is to get Hillary Clinton elected,” Hollande said in in a French newspaper article published Thursday, as he warned of Trump’s isolationist rhetoric.

The socialist president currently faces opposite from Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front Party, who is calling for France to follow in the steps of the United Kingdom and exit the European Union. Hollande is against the idea of a “Frexit,” and used his platform to compare Trump’s nationalistic rhetoric to Le Pen’s.

Hollande bashed Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric, saying that Trump’s “slogans are barely different from the extreme Right in Europe and in France.” He also accused the presumptive GOP nominee of creating “fear of waves of immigrants, the stigmatization of Islam, the questioning of representative democracy and the denunciation of elites.”