A pro-immigration group is setting up a nationwide protest against President Trump's effort to crack down on illegal immigration on May 1, an event that a key Democrat in the House is promoting.

Rise Up was organized to create the protest, which will see immigrants "rise up to defend our immigrant neighbors and friends."

The group is encouraging supporters to skip work and school on May 1, and not shop in order to "show that our country will not move forward without our immigrant neighbors."

Wednesday morning, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said Trump is "creating fear" by attacking illegal immigrants.

"Trump needs to use fear in another very important way. He needs to scare the immigrant community," Gutierrez said. "Why? Because he knows he does not have the money, the manpower, or the time to drive 11 million men, women and children who are undocumented out of the country."

"So on May 1, millions of Americans are going to stand up. We are going to stand together," he said. "We are going to Rise Up."