Ralph Northam graduated from medical school in 1984. He served the next eight years as a medical officer in the U.S. Army before entering private practice in 1992. For the next quarter century, Northam has worked as a pediatric neurologist.

That makes Northam uniquely qualified to work with the White House if he wins the Virginia governor race, because the Democrat candidate thinks President Trump has the mind of a mentally impaired child.

Northam made that claim during an interview with the Guardian, at once dismissing both the repeated attacks of Trump and the president’s mental capacities. “I’m a neurologist,” Northam said, “so I’m used to dealing with a lot of different minds – and even being a pediatric neurologist, that gives me more perspective.”

As a general rule, journalists barely capable of navigating WebMD probably shouldn’t make judgements about the Hippocratic Oath. But Northam making light of mentally disabled kids to make fun of the president seems out of line. A good doctor, the Democrat doesn’t seem like a great leader.