Former President Barack Obama is believed to have warned President Trump that the greatest threat the country would face during his administration would be North Korea's nuclear and missile program development, according to a report published Saturday.

Trump said Obama outlined the three greatest threats to the U.S., during their ride to the U.S. Capitol for the Inauguration.

"I asked him what you think our biggest problem is and he told me," Trump told Fox News, recalling the limousine ride. "But it's a problem, its a military problem with a certain place. No, it's not China. But it is — he did mention, cause I did ask him what would you say our number one, two, three problems are and the number one problem that he felt — I was a little bit surprised, but I fully understand."

A New York Times report on Saturday claims that Obama warned Trump that the North Korean threat was the most pressing one the new president would face.

The Obama administration enhanced its military program against North Korea starting in 2014, according to the report. The Pentagon created technology that could cause Korea's missile launches to veer off-course or explode in the air.

While the Obama administration's advances did hurt North Korea for years, the country has recently seen three successful launches of missiles over the past eight months. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has insisted the country is in its final stage of preparing intercontinental missiles.