A reporter for Shareblue Media was “violently arrested” while covering a campaign event for Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie.

On Saturday, Shareblue’s Mike Stark was filming Gillespie’s car as it arrived at a local Virginia parade when a police officer asked him to stop filming and move back further than the previous set of barriers.

According to Shareblue, the police officer was accompanied by a woman who previously objected to Stark’s presence.

After a brief of exchange of words — in which the officer reportedly said that he wouldn’t be able to ask Gillespie any questions — Stark said “fuck this,” which led to his arrest.

On Tuesday, the progressive media outlet released footage from the arrest where multiple police officers knocked Stark to the ground and punched him in the legs.

Stark was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, although the officers in the video claim he was being arrested for swearing.

He was released on a $3,000 bond and said he went back to his car at the Gillespie event to find his tire punctured.

With only a week left in the race to be the next governor, Gillespie faces a tough battle against Ralph Northam, who was leading him the polls by seven points as recent as Friday.