An attempt by Gwen Graham, who is running as a Democrat for Florida governor, to embarrass Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., for not picking up his phone seemed to go awry when Rubio's office said everyone was busy providing assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Irma.

"Senator @MarcoRubio, answer your phone," she tweeted to accompany video footage of her call, which was an effort to urge him to vote against a bill that would overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

"I am calling to implore you to please vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill," Graham said in her voice message. "I could go through all the reasons, but I think you know them. This is bad for the state of Florida. You are a senator representing this state and I expect you will do what is right for the people of Florida."

"In my office, we always made sure real people answered the phone," she said afterwards.

However, according to Rubio's staff, they were helping victims affected by Hurricane Irma.

"No live answer bc staff was out helping over 10,000 people apply for FEMA assistance, not sitting behind desk waiting for a political stunt," Olivia Perez-Cubas, Rubio's communications director responded.

The amendment proposed by Sens. Bill Cassidy, R-La., and Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., would overhaul the Affordable Care Act and remove individual and employer mandates required by Obamacare. Additionally, the money currently being allocated to Obamacare's exchanges and Medicaid expansion would be given to the states through federal block grants.