Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders received a fact-check smackdown from the Washington Post on Saturday for his statement claiming 36,000 more Americans would die annually if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

The Post gave the claim a rating of "Four Pinocchios" because Sanders misrepresented reporting from progressive media organization ThinkProgress.

ThinkProgress published a story arguing that nearly 30 million people would lose health insurance if Obamacare is repealed and one in every 830 of those people would die because of repeal, leading to just under 36,000 people who could die every year because they don't have insurance.

Sanders, in a tweet on Thursday, reported that as fact.

"As Republicans try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, they should be reminded every day that 36,000 people will die yearly as a result," he said.

The Post said that report is based on some big assumptions. The Obama administration reports 20 million people have received health insurance they otherwise would not have received without Obamacare, so the Post ruled 30 million is a high estimate.

In addition, the increased mortality rate of one in every 830 people dying because they don't have insurance was based off a study done on Massachusetts' healthcare program. The Post noted that may not be representative of the entire country.

The Post said the true number of annual deaths due to Obamacare repeal would be closer to 20,000, and that assumes there would be no immediate replacement healthcare plan coming from Republicans.

House Republicans cheered the Post report, with the Republican-controlled House Energy and Commerce Committee pushing the story out Saturday morning.

"As congressional Democrats return home for Sunday's Day of Action, they've been lying about #Obamacare again," the committee tweeted.