Sen. Bernie Sanders called Donald Trump "a pathological liar" Saturday in a statement blasting Trump for blaming Sanders for a protest that led the Republican front-runner to cancel a rally in Chicago Friday.

Many of the protestors who clashed with Trump supporters in sometimes violent confrontations Friday outside Trump's planned event appeared to be Sanders backers. But the Vermont senator said he had nothing to do with the problem, which he said was Trump's fault.

"While I appreciate that we had supporters at Trump's rally in Chicago, our campaign did not organize the protests," Sanders said in a statement.

"What caused the protests at Trump's rally is a candidate that has promoted hatred and division against Latinos, Muslims, women, and people with disabilities, and his birther attacks against the legitimacy of President Obama," Sanders said.

Earlier Saturday, Trump, speaking at a raucous rally in Ohio, said Sanders' supporters often interrupt his rallies and had blocked the Chicago event.

"We had a little bit of a problem," Trump said. "We were not allowed to exercise our First Amendment rights."

"Bernie was saying, Mr. Trump should speak to his crowd," Trump said. "You know where they come from? Bernie's crowd," Trump added, of protestors at his events.

"Our crowds are so much bigger than Bernie's," Trump said. "I think Bernie's finished, but we've been saying that for about four weeks."

"Hillary cannot seem to win, even against a communist," Trump said, repeating a frequent attack he uses against Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist.