White House press secretary Sean Spicer pushed back against reporters who complained in recent days over White House press briefings becoming too irregular.

In a radio interview Wednesday on "The Laura Ingraham Show," Spicer said the briefing schedule is mostly the same as past administrations and he said at the start of his tenure that he would try "to do things differently, to do things better."

Spicer has made some changes to the briefings, such as allowing reporters not on location in Washington to video-call in a question on certain days. But, most complaints from reporters come when Spicer has gone days without appearing for an on-camera briefing or has held "gaggles" that have restricted the number of reporters and news outlets allowed in the room.

Spicer said that many of the complaints are simply from reporters looking to grandstand.

"There's a lot of them that want to become YouTube stars and ask some snarky question that's been asked eight times," he said. "And that's their right to do that. But it's our job to make sure that we're providing updates and readouts of what the president is doing and the advances he is making on his agenda."

Spicer is reportedly being considered for a new communications-related role at the White House that will require a new person to replace him as press secretary.