The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, hopes Susan Rice will reconsider her decision to reject an invitation to testify next week on Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

Rice, who served as former President Barack Obama's national security adviser, declined South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham's invite to appear before the Judiciary subcommittee on crime and terrorism, as revealed in a letter from her lawyer obtained by CNN on Wednesday.

Feinstein, D-Calif., encourage Rice to change her mind during an appearance on MSNBC's "Meet the Press Daily."

"Well, I think she ought to consider it. She has gone public," Feinstein told host Chuck Todd, referring to an interview she did Sunday on CNN in which she said she "never did anything untoward" with intelligence she got on 2016 election interference.

Rice's lawyer, Kathryn Ruemmler, said the decision to reject Graham's invitation was made because he didn't have the support of the panel's top Democrat, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I. Graham said sent an invitation to Rice because he wants answers on whether the Obama administration tried to "politicize" intelligence.

Feinstein, who said she saw Rice today, added she never heard that there has to be a bipartisan letter.

"This is a new criteria," Feinstein said. "She is certainly within her rights of saying, 'I'm now retired. I'm not going to do it.' But because she went forward and did press, I would hope she would consider doing it."

Though Rice refusing to testify in an open setting, in the letter, Ruemmler does indicate that Rice is "prepared to assist congressional inquiries into Russian election interference because of the important national interests at stake, provided they are conducted in a bipartisan manner, and, as appropriate, in classified session."