Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse said Tuesday that Wall Street preferred Sen. Bernie Sanders, who ran on breaking up the big banks and increasing taxes on the richest Americans, to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary.

Whitehouse said on MSNBC that Clinton had close ties to Wall Street, but was targeted by "Wall Street money" in the Democratic primaries in favor of Sanders.

"They did not want Hillary Clinton to win, that is why Wall Street money supported Bernie Sanders in Democratic primaries to take her out, because they thought she would be the stronger candidate," Whitehouse said.

"You can't pretend that didn't happen."

While one conservative super PAC did run ads against Clinton during the primaries, she received more than $86 million from the "securities and investment" industry during the 2016 election.

Whitehouse argued that even if Clinton was connected to Wall Street, Republicans are far more entrenched with big banks.

"She may have been the Democrat with the closest ties but the Republicans are married at the hip, so it's not much of a conversation," he said.

Most of Sanders' platform was villifying Wall Street and forcing big banks to pay more in taxes in order to fund his social welfare ideas.