“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert suggested President Trump is a “plump, overcooked turkey" Wednesday night as he joked about Trump’s return to his Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“President Trump has returned to Mar-a-Lago, so I know what the White House staff is thankful for this year,” Colbert said. “Mar-a-Lago members are apparently looking forward to seeing the president at the Thanksgiving buffet line. Just imagine a plump, overcooked turkey ... waiting in line for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Colbert also offered suggestions for alcohol intake during the holiday to help people cope in conversations with others espousing different political views.

“But even in the best of years, political differences can make things tense, and this is not the best of years,” Colbert said. “So if you’re concerned about conflicts over the dinner table, watch how much you have to drink. I recommend either no drinks or all of the drinks.”

“It’s really that two and a half drink middle ground where Uncle Fred starts asking ‘Well, why don’t we have a white history month?’” he added.

Colbert also noted that the news this week that the Donald J. Trump Foundation, the Trump family’s charitable foundation, is closing down. However, the New York attorney general is investigating the foundation, meaning it cannot legally dissolve until the investigation concludes.

“Same way the Trump administration can not be dissolved until Mueller’s investigation is complete,” Colbert said, referring to special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, which is looking into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin during the 2016 campaign.