Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, author Ann Coulter, and recently ousted White House chief strategist Steve Bannon were invited to speak during UC Berkeley's "free speech week."

The three were invited by a student organization called the Berkeley Patriot to speak during the Sept. 24-27 event on campus. Yiannopoulos and Coulter both had scheduled speeches earlier this year that were canceled due to violent protests.

UC spokesman Dan Mogulof told the East Bay Times that Berkeley Patriot organizers "have been good collaborators and attentive to policy."

While Yiannopoulos and Coulter have confirmed their attendance, Bannon has not, according to the Sacramento Bee.

In a statement that was sent to students Wednesday, University Chancellor Carol Christ reiterated the campuses commitment to free speech as a core of the academic institution.

"The university has the responsibility to provide safety and security for its community and guests, and we will invest the necessary resources to achieve that goal," Christ said.

"If you choose to protest, do so peacefully. That is your right, and we will defend it with vigor. We will not tolerate violence, and we will hold anyone accountable who engages in it."

Yiannopoulous shared the chancellors letter on his Facebook page Wednesday while adding: "What a difference six months make! Let's hope Berkeley sticks to this commitment to free expression."

Mogulof told the East Bay Times that the school gets "a lot of requests" to deny the clubs the right to invite the controversial speakers.

"It is absolutely clear that it is first and foremost, a matter of law that groups have an undeniable right to bring speakers of their choice, given their legal autonomy. At UC, registered student organizations are separate legal entities from the campus. It's not the university bringing these groups to campus," Mogulof said.