One of the most interesting nuggets from the new biography on former Trump whisperer Steve Bannon being released this week is his wish that President Trump had directed his tough Inaugural Address to Congress.

Author and former Washington Examiner editor Keith Koffler wrote in Bannon: Always the Rebel of how Bannon and top policy aide Stephen Miller felt the Jan. 20 speech went.

“You know, it was just perfect,” Miller said.

“There’s only one problem,” said Bannon, who left the White House in the summer summer to rejoin Breitbart News.

“What’s that?” asked Miller, still at the White House.

“The only mistake we made is we had the podium pointed the wrong way. We should have turned the podium around and had if face the group of swells on the platform,” Bannon said.

In more than 10 hours of interviews with Koffler, Bannon said he called Trump “boss,” and added, “There’s a phrase I’m going to use that will shock you, that you never thought anybody would put together: Donald Trump and moral courage. I have never seen someone I admire … more than Trump.”

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