The Tea Party group FreedomWorks on Wednesday praised the Republican framework to cut taxes and simplify the tax code.

"The framework released today represents a transformation of America's tax code and would help the middle class," FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon said in a statement. "It simplifies a complex system that taxpayers spend billions annually to comply with and will spur economic growth, allowing American businesses to increase wages and create more jobs."

Brandon said House and Senate Republicans should move immediately to begin considering legislation beginning with a budget resolution that is to serve as the legislative vehicle for tax reform.

"It's time for the House and Senate to begin this effort by passing a budget resolution that allows committees to get to work on crafting legislation that reflects this pro-growth framework," Brandon said. "There is no reason to wait any longer. We're confident that the House and Senate have enough to get started. This is a generational moment. We need a tax code that promotes economic growth, fairness, and opportunity for all. We absolutely must get this done, and we must get it done this year."

The Republican plan would lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent, and create three individual tax rates, although it's not yet clear which income levels would be hit by the new rates of 12, 25 and 35 percent.