Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump declared Tuesday that the United States should have no involvement in matters pertaining to North Korea, placing that responsibility on China.

Trump, who was appearing at a forum in Virginia Beach, Va., told retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn that as North Korea gets more and more hostile, China is going to to have to keep them in check. China has long been North Korea's main ally on the international stage, even though they have clashed over the communist nation's development of nuclear weapons.

"It's not that they've done some unbelievable things, but they're in the process of doing some unbelievable things, believe me," Trump said. "They're belligerent. They have no respect for our country. None whatsoever, and we have a situation that's a potential catastrophe. We have somebody that does have nuclear and nuclear capability. The carrier is maybe not there yet but it soon will be.

"We have a man who took over at 25 years old, I guess ... and now it looks like he's getting more and more hostile," Trump said about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. "And what I'd do very simply is say China, this is your baby. This is your problem. You solve the problem, because China can solve that problem.

"It's a big problem. China has virtually total control over North Korea, but they say they don't because they want to tweak us. Look at our president — they won't even give him stairs to come out of Air Force One."

Trump was referring to Obama's stop in China on Saturday ahead of the G20 summit, during which Obama was not given a staircase while exiting Air Force One. He was forced to exit instead from a little-used staircase from the belly of the plane.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has made an issue of the North Korean leader, even once going so far as to giving him credit for wiping out all other challenges to his leadership posts in the wake of the death of Kim Jong-il, his father.

The real estate tycoon also took shots at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her foreign policy and how she is viewed by rival nations, including Russia and President Vladimir Putin. He made those specific comments when discussing how to combat the Islamic State.

"We have to get countries that are affected by ISIS. A lot of people say as a example — Hillary likes to play tough with Russia. Putin looks at her and he laughs. He laughs. Putin looks at Hillary Clinton and he smiles. Boy would he like to see her. That would be easy," Trump said, adding that "every decision" she's made on the world stage has been wrong.