Dozens of Republican lawmakers will ask three separate federal agencies to open investigations of the Clinton Foundation on Friday as questions over the well-connected charity's operations remain unanswered.

Led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., more than 60 House Republicans signed their names to a letter this week addressed to the FBI, the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission that detailed allegations of impropriety in the foundation's past dealings.

"Hillary Clinton is asking the voters to trust her and allow her to be president of the United States and because of that, it is important that we get answers as to how this foundation is operated," Blackburn told the Washington Examiner.

She highlighted the fact that the Clinton Foundation's original paperwork asked the IRS to grant it non-profit status in order to build a library and conduct research.

"There is nothing that says anything about global initiatives, and so there seems to be no paperwork that says, 'Ok, they did the library, but now they're going to change and their focus is going to be global,'" Blackburn said.

The Clinton Global Initiative has grown into one of the largest and most controversial arms of the Clinton Foundation. It operates by convening powerful CEOs, charity heads and celebrities at glitzy conferences and encouraging them to pledge "commitments" to specific projects.

However, a portfolio released by the Clinton Global Initiative last month revealed less than half of those commitments ever yielded the projects they had promised.

A similar effort led by Blackburn in May of last year to seek an IRS audit of the Clinton Foundation failed after the tax agency declined to open a probe of the organization's activities.

Blackburn said more information has emerged in the months since, citing details that have surfaced related to Bill Clinton's contract with a top donor, Laureate Education, and a high-profile uranium deal that raised questions about Hillary Clinton's impartiality as the nation's chief diplomat.

Bill Clinton's position as an "honorary chancellor" for Laureate earned the former president $16.5 million for his services. Laureate donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, and a nonprofit group associated with the company's leadership later netted $55 million in grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development, an arm of the State Department.

Donald Trump has used the Clinton Foundation to attack Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, accusing the former secretary of state of using the State Department as her "own personal hedge fund" by allowing her official duties to intersect with the Clinton Foundation's operations.

When FBI Director James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton of criminal wrongdoing for her handling of classified information on July 5, he made no mention of the reported investigation into allegations of "public corruption" related to the Clinton Foundation.

Comey refused to comment when asked about the probe at a congressional hearing last week.

But Blackburn's letter may force the FBI to shed more light on its inquiry into the Clinton Foundation.

"Let's get some answers to this before we get into the fall campaign," Blackburn said.