President Trump banned Stephen King from viewing his Twitter account, the horror fiction author announced Tuesday, but J.K. Rowling offered to give King access by sending him Trump's tweets from her account.

King has frequently ridiculed Trump on Twitter, calling him a "fake president" and mocking his "Covfefe" tweet gaffe, which became a worldwide trending topic on social media.

Following tweets about Trump's cabinet and his daughter Ivanka, King said he was blocked from viewing Trump's Twitter account, adding, "I may have to kill myself."

Rowling, the British novelist of the Harry Potter series who has also used Twitter to take jabs at the president, said she will use her access to Trump's account to message King his tweets.

Trump has blocked other users and organizations, including the progressive veterans group VoteVets on Tuesday. Questions have been raised over the constitutionality of Trump's blocking his public Twitter account from select citizens.