Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Tuesday morning that he'd be open to the idea of having retired surgeon Ben Carson, now in second place, run with Trump as his vice president.

"Were not as different as people think, we have a very good relationship," Trump told CNN when asked about Carson. "There is a particular different style. I have some great assets and he has some great assets. But we are both resonating, there is no question about that."

When asked specifically whether they could run together, Trump said he wouldn't rule Carson out as he ponders a running mate, assuming he clinches the Republican nomination.

"Well, I like him, he likes me. Stranger things have happened," Trump says. "But it's too early to think about. It's certainly is interesting. So many people have suggested it because we both are doing awfully well."

According to a recent CNN poll, Carson is now within the margin of error of Trump, with Carson at 22 percent and Trump at 27 percent of all Republican voters. Both the business mogul and the retired neurosurgeon have gained popularity over the past few months as political outsiders.