President Trump has hit a new low in approval ratings according to a poll tracker operated by Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight website.

Updated Friday afternoon, the analysis of all polls shows Trump's approval dipping to 36.5 percent while 57.4 percent disapproved.

Silver, a well-known polling guru, noted that the the plummet comes as Republicans in Congress get closer to passing tax reform.

To compare, Trump's approval rating per RealClearPolitics is 37.2 percent and disapproval is 58 percent in polls between Nov. 27 to Dec. 14.

FiveThirtyEight adds weights to polls in its tracker regarding a handful of factors, including methodology and history of bias.

The Trump tracker has two settings other than looking at all polls, which defaults to look at only the all-adults results if multiple polling versions are reported.

In the second setting, which looks at all-adults polls only and FiveThirtyEight argues is the traditional filter through which presidents have historically been judged, Trump's prospects are even lower.

He gets 35 percent approval and 58.2 percent disapproval.

The third setting looks at polls using registered voters or likely voters, which the websites says "may be the most useful version for forecasting Trump’s impact on the 2018 midterm elections."

Here, Trump's approval is at its highest, but not by much: 38.3 percent approve while 56.8 disapprove.