President Trump's new council of infrastructure advisers will take a special focus on energy development by looking at ways to bolster everything from renewable energy to crude oil and natural gas pipelines over the next decade, according to the advisory panel's official charter to be made official Tuesday.

The Advisory Council on Infrastructure, after being announced by the White House on Thursday, is slated to be published in Tuesday's edition of the Federal Register, starting a 60-day period in which the Commerce Department will draft specific questions it wants the advisers to answer in developing their recommendations in a report to the president, according to the charter.

Three of eight of the infrastructure panel's "mission" priorities focus on the energy sector, including "renewable energy generation, electricity transmission, ... [and] pipelines."

The panel is directed to "study the scope and effectiveness of, and make findings and recommendations to the president regarding, federal government funding, support, and delivery of infrastructure projects in several sectors," according to the document.

Other sectors the council will include in its recommendations are surface transportation, aviation, ports and waterways, water resources, and broadband, along with other areas that could be included later by the panel.

The infrastructure council also will include protecting the environment as part of its focus. "It shall be the policy of the executive branch to advance infrastructure projects that create high-quality jobs for American workers, enhance productivity, improve quality of life, protect the environment and strengthen economic growth," according to the document.