President Trump intends to nominate Richard Grenell, a TV commentator and former spokesman for the United Nations, to serve as the next U.S. ambassador to Germany, according to a report.

Grenell was the longest-serving spokesman for the United States at the United Nations during former President George W. Bush's administration.

He frequently appears as a foreign affairs commentator on Fox News and owns his own media communications company.

"The president wanted a seasoned foreign affairs person who conveys his message to the Germans and other Europeans," a White House source told Newsmax. "Grenell was the right person to do that."

If confirmed by the Senate, Grenell would serve as U.S. ambassador to Germany during a time when relations between the two countries have been strained.

Trump has criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy toward refugees and has scolded NATO countries like Germany who have not met their commitment to spending 2 percent of GDP on defense.

Merkel and Trump also differ on the issue of climate change. While Germany remains in the Paris Agreement, Trump announced the U.S. would withdraw from the climate accord.

Grenell served as Mitt Romney's top national security adviser during the 2012 presidential race, and he has advised a number of Republicans, including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Bush selected Grenell to serve as director of communications and public diplomacy for the U.S. delegation to the United Nations in 2001.

He also was an alternative voting member of the U.N. Security Council.