In a polling freefall that overshadows that of President Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron's job approval rating has plummeted nearly 50 percent since his May 7 election, effectively ending his reign as the media's favorite European leader.

In a new survey, Macron has a woeful 36 percent job approval rating. That is a 45 percent drop from the 66 percent he won in the presidential election.

By comparison, Trump stands at an average of 38 percent. He won 46 percent of the vote.

From the latest Huffington Post France/YouGov:

Pres. Emmanuel Macron job rating

  • 36% approve
  • 49% disapprove

Polling analyst Ron Faucheux of Clarus Research Group just wrote in his Lunchtime Politics blog:

Macron, France's youngest leader since Napoleon, was elected on May 7 with 66% of the vote. He started his term with a 62% approval rating. It's dropped quickly to 36% in the latest poll. The decline has been attributed to a number of issues, most recently Macron's efforts to cut the budget deficit and avoid what's being called a "debt volcano." In particular, his move to cut housing benefits for millions of people, including 800,000 students and many below the poverty line, has drawn severe criticism from the left. Macron is pushing structural reforms, including changing labor laws, pension and unemployment policies. The chief of the French military, Pierre de Villiers, also recently resigned over the president's budget cutting.

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