President Trump said the suspect in the mass shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice on Wednesday died from injuries after police returned fire.

"This morning, a gunman opened fire on members of Congress and their staffs as they were practicing for tomorrow's annual charity baseball game," Trump said from the Diplomatic Room in the White House. "Authorities are continuing to investigate the crime and the assailant has now died from his injuries."

A 66-year-old man named James T. Hodgkinson from Belleville, Ill., has been identified by police as the shooter, according to reports.

"Everyone on that field is a public servant," Trump said. "Our courageous police, our congressional aides, who work so tirelessly behind the scenes with enormous devotion, and our dedicated members of Congress who represent our people. We may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is here because above all, they love our country."

Republican lawmakers were practicing baseball in Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday morning, when witnesses said a man with a rifle began shooting. Among those wounded: House Majority Whip Steve Scalise; Zach Barth, an aide to Texas Rep. Roger Williams; Mike Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and former congressional staffer; and Capitol Police officers. All are expected to survive.

"Many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two Capitol Police officers who took down the gunmen despite sustaining gunshot wounds during a very, very brutal assault," Trump said.

Trump said he spoke to Scalise's wife, Jennifer. "And I pledged to her our full absolute support. Anything she needs, we are with her and with the entire Scalise family," he said.

Trump said he also spoke with United States Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa "to express our sympathies for his wounded officers and to express my admiration for their courage."

He said the FBI is leading the investigation.

"Our brave Capitol police perform a challenging job with incredible skill and their sacrifice makes democracy possible," Trump said.

The White House said Trump has spoken with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about the shooting.