Donald Trump vastly prefers to speak extemporaneously. When he does that, he frequently wanders off into irrelevant and often self-congratulatory talk. It ranges from entertaining to inappropriate.

So it was with great relief when I saw Trump's speech this afternoon at the Holocaust Memorial Museum was written on a teleprompter and that he would be reading from a script. The last thing we needed was Trump ad-libbing on the Holocaust. (Trump, supposedly, when looking at an exhibit on slave auctions, commented "Boy, that is just not good. That is not good.")

One odd fruit, in all likelihod, of Trump reading from a teleprompter: He twice pronounced "Nazis" as "NOZ-eez" rather than "NOT-seez." Reading from a teleprompter is hard, and mispronouncing common words is an easy mistake to make. It's far better than Trump improvising on the Holocaust, though.

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