President Trump will become the first sitting president to address the Voters Value Summit on Friday.

Trump, who has delivered remarks at the Family Research Council event three times, will give remarks in Washington following an announcement by his administration to bolster religious liberty in the federal government.

"Values voters have waited eight years for a leader who puts America's mission first and respects the values that made America into a great nation," said FRC President Tony Perkins in a statement. "Values voters are coming to our nation's capital thankful to hear from a president who is fulfilling the promises that he campaigned on. Since the early days of the campaign, President Trump allied himself with values voters, promising to put an end to the 8 years of relentless assault on the First Amendment."

Last week, the Department of Justice issued two memos to all administrative agencies and executive departments addressing how to interpret religious liberty in federal law. The first memo said religious liberty is a "fundamental right of paramount importance" but that "free exercise of religion includes the right to act or abstain from action in accordance with one's religious beliefs," which extends to both "persons and organizations." The second directed all department attorneys to "adhere to the interpretative guidance set forth" in the first memo.

The Trump administration also issued rules last week to expand the federal contraceptive mandate to employers who object to coverage on moral grounds, scaling back an Obama-era rule.

Other speakers at the Friday conference in Washington include House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, and former White House aide Sebastian Gorka.

Family Research Council is a nonprofit conservative Christian group that says it works to "advance family, faith and freedom."

Critics have called the group anti-LGBT, including the Human Research Council. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated it as a hate group due to its statements and "false claims about the LGBT community."