President Trump will travel to Camp David on Friday to huddle with his national security team over their strategy for South Asia, the White House announced on Wednesday.

The meeting comes as Trump continues to grapple with the threat of a nuclearized North Korea, which his administration attempted to address earlier this week by prodding China on trade. Trump has said he expects China to take on a bigger role in bringing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table, and has in the past expressed disappointment in the lack of results from China's efforts.

Although Kim Jong Un had threatened earlier this month to strike Guam, a U.S. territory in the region, in retaliation for the president's bellicose language, the North Korean dictator has since backed away from the threat. But U.S. officials remain concerned about the rapid pace at which Pyongyang has pursued nuclear weapons capable of striking the continental U.S.

Trump's national security team itself has also been the subject of scrutiny in recent weeks amid a dispute between national security adviser H.R. McMaster and chief strategist Steve Bannon, both of whom have pushed the president in different directions on issues ranging from the Iran nuclear agreement to troop levels in Afghanistan.

Trump last visited Camp David in June, when he brought his family to the country estate in Maryland for Father's Day.

The president has so far demonstrated a preference for Mar-a-Lago, his Florida property, when it comes to diplomatic summits like those traditionally hosted at Camp David.

For example, Trump conducted days of meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in April.

The president is presently at Trump Tower in New York, where he stopped earlier this week during a weeks-long working vacation that he has spent mostly at his golf property in Bedminster, N.J.