President Trump said in an interview published Sunday he will make a deal with Democrats on legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare if he can't strike one with House Freedom Caucus Republicans.

"If we don't get what we want, we will make a deal with the Democrats and we will have in my opinion not as good a form of healthcare, but we are going to have a very good form of healthcare and it will be a bipartisan form of healthcare," Trump told the London-based Financial Times in an interview.

He said there are negotiations taking place on Capitol Hill "as we speak," but "one way or the other, I promised the people great healthcare ... [and] it will be a repeal and replace of Obamacare which is the deal that is being negotiated now."

Trump suggested there will be a bill with or without the Freedom Caucus.

"And if we don't get the ... Freedom Caucus there that would be fine," Trump said. "They're friends of mine. Many of them have already left, and many of them as you know have already given us their vote. But when you have zero Democrats, zero, you need close to 100 percent of the Republicans."

Trump said it was his decision not to put the bill on the floor.

"There was no reason to take a vote," he said, referring to the failure to pass a repeal-and-replace bill two weeks ago in the House. "I said, 'Don't take a vote,' and we will see what happens."

He said he "didn't want to take a vote ... I don't lose. I don't like to lose. But that wasn't a definitive day."