In light of Tuesday’s election disasters for Republicans, when is President Trump going to start doing “so much winning?” And at what endeavor? And when is he going to start making “great deals”?

And when is going to earn even a tiny bit of loyalty by doing what a true leader does, which is to take responsibility for failures rather than pawning them off on someone else?

When is he going to start “acting presidential?”

When is he going to deliver major tax reform? When is he going to deliver a replacement for Obamacare? When is he going to cut the budget deficit? When is he going to get Mexico to pay for his wall? When is he going to get his pal Vladimir Putin to back American interests in any significant foreign dispute? When is he going to punish Iran for its misdeeds? When is he going to succeed at getting North Korea to disarm?

When will Trump earn more Democratic votes than the Republican votes he turns off by his bombast and insults? When will he use his supposed deal-making skills to earn Democratic votes for anything important? When will he deliver a trillion dollars of infrastructure improvements without adding to the deficit and debt?

When will Trump admit that Ted Cruz’s dad didn’t plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy? When will he admit that there weren’t thousands of New Jerseyites celebrating the destruction of Sept. 11? When will he repay all the people swindled by Trump University? When will he release his tax returns? His college transcripts? The details of his settlement with the Polish immigrant workers whose benefits he allegedly refused to pay?

When will Trump apologize for inciting violence on the campaign trail by urging his backers to send protesters to the hospital, and then promising to pay his backers’ legal bills?

When will Trump admit there were no “good people” in the riot-causing white supremacist march in Charlottesville? When will he apologize to the “Mexican judge”? When will he admit that American prisoners of war who refused to betray their country even while enduring torture are, indeed, heroes? When will he acknowledge that avoiding venereal disease in the 1970s was nothing like serving in Vietnam? When will he show any contrition for watching others serve while he begged off due to supposedly sore heels?

When will Trump tell the truth about how many horrid business failures he has endured? When will he admit that he made it so big largely because he inherited so much and because his siblings and father helped bail out his disasters?

Will Trump ever show remorse for the thousands and thousands of small vendors and investors left holding the bag, unpaid for goods and services they honestly delivered, when Trump blithely walked away from debts via bankruptcy? Has he ever, after marketing his own name supposedly made him a multi-billionaire (a claim which is dubious), made any efforts to pay back some of those previously-bilked vendors?

Will Trump ever admit that winning the presidency while so substantially losing the popular vote was a weird anomaly? Will he let himself understand that even his 304 electoral votes were less impressive not just than landslide victors like Ronald Reagan, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson, but also smaller than the wins of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the elder Bush, Harry Truman, and Grover Cleveland, and barely better than that of Jimmy Carter?

Even if Trump did not “collude” with Russians, when will he show embarrassment that the Russian government so clearly and overwhelmingly worked to get him elected — and, regardless of whom Russia helped or hurt, when will Trump show righteous anger at Russian attempts to surreptitiously affect our election?

When will he decide to start paying for his own rounds of golf again, rather than making taxpayers foot the bill? Millions of taxpayers would be happy to have him play golf on his own dime and, especially, on his own time.

Somebody should explain to Trump that his life will be far easier and more fun if he just, well, resigns. He won’t need to deal with “fake news” anymore. He won’t need to deal with John McCain. He won’t even be forced to live in that white house he allegedly considers a “dump.”

Trump leaving office? Now that sounds like a truly terrific deal to me.

Quin Hillyer (@QuinHillyer) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential blog. He is a former associate editorial page editor for the Washington Examiner, and is the author of Mad Jones, Heretic, a satirical literary novel published in the fall of 2017.

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